Alenka Blasko Valentincic

Alenka Blasko

Alenka Blasko Valentincic

Alenka Blasko Valentincic

Business Development Manager

After graduating at the university in Assisi, Italy, Alenka began her career in hotel operations. She built her career and gained experience in both operational as well as in the Marketing, Sales and Financial Controlling, where she was responsible for 4 hotels and 7 restaurants. As an active team player her contribution to the company was appreciated and she was involved in several projects.

She continued her career in her own company as a consultant in tourism and hotel industry. The most important project was the coordination of the implementation of the revenue Management in 5 hotels working in the teams with all stakeholders, including foreign experts in this field.

Alenka has been the active sports women through a large part of her life as artistic roller skater, where she competed at the national level. As a coach with licensed cooperated with the Italian and Slovenian clubs.

She also played volleyball.

Her motto: DO what you like, BE a team-player, and LEARN and teach others.

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