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Beat R Wicki

Beat R. Wicki

Entrepreneur at Swiss Hospitality Academy

Beat R. Wicki completed his studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technologies, Zurich with the award of Master of Science ETH. His major was in the field of biology. After completing his degree, Beat R. Wicki gained further experience in a consulting company as project manager, with the main focus on all kinds of environmental projects.

Having also included in his studies the methodological Certificate as lecturer, he was always focusing on becoming linked to a school. In 1993, he decided to set up his own consulting company in the tourism Canton of Graubunden (Grisons) in Switzerland. He managed his own Consulting Company, with a main focus on Ecology, Tourism and Hospitality plus training and teaching for over 15 years.

For more than 18 years, Beat R. Wicki has been working in cooperation with SSTH Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality Ltd. He started with the company as a part time teacher, and has worked as a consultant as well as an assistant to the president. In 2005, he was appointment to the position of CEO, in which he was responsible for the whole company as well as being manager for the Consulting Department. SSTH has had strong collaboration with a lot of foreign schools and Universities in which Beat always took the position as project manager.

Beat R. Wicki decided in 2012 to go for a new challenge and opened his own consulting company Swiss Hospitality Academy which focusses on projects in hospitality/gastronomy and educational industry as well as in the field of intercultural management. Beat is a passionate project manager who will share his more than 30 years of experience in all kind of projects, from small local ones until big international projects, lasting for several years.

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