Kate Varini

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Kate Varini

Kate Varini

Floofl founder

Associated Professor

HES-SO Valais-Wallis 
Institute of Tourism, Sierre, Switzerland

Kate had founded Floofl as social enterprise while she was lecturer at Oxford Brookes University through the OBSEA initiative.

As a social enterprise, Floofl CIC is offering university level courses for free.

Even before that she had been involved in a number of start-up businesses as is a product developer. She is especially talented in coming up with and implementing creative ideas and usually finds herself automatically searching for new or fresh ways to make upgrades or enhancements to business processes. When challenged to be an innovative thinker, Kate feels valued and can inspire others with her visions of the future. Kate practices what she preaches: lifelong learning.

Kate Varini has been involved in the field of technology and profit optimisation from the nascent stages of ecommerce and revenue management. She has followed the evolution of technology as it has unfolded, by closely interacting with hotel industry professionals, participating in annual academic and commercial conferences, maintaining a relevant professional network and by staying abreast of the relevant literature. Building on this, she was the first to propose a series of economical revenue manager services for small and medium sized hotels to access on a daily basis. Other firms have since further developed the "rent a revenue manager” model. More recently Kate helped develop the first professional revenue management certification programme for HOSPA (Hotel professional Association) and was responsible for the first bespoke Master class for senior revenue managers. Both were fully accredited by Oxford Brookes University, the former at undergraduate level and the latter at Master's level.

Kate regularly delivers seminars on profit optimisation around the world. She also works with small hotel chains and independent hotels to help them improve their bottom-line performance. She often also presents new ideas at commercial conferences by sharing her research results.

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