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Advanced Revenue Management and Analytics

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Advanced Revenue Management and Analytics
by Floofl Admin - Tuesday, 17 June 2014, 10:11 AM
Self enrolment

Advanced Revenue Management and Analytics

Moderated by Kate Varini

This is a self paced course that will use the content of the recent Eye For Travel Travel Distribution Summit to ensure you have access to the latest themes and related discussions. will publish themed learning pathways with video links to related the conference presentations.

You are required to review each conference presentation and write a one page report about each topic within a themed pathway.

You will also rate each presentation with regards to how it has provided you with the ability to achieve the learning objectives (1 = did not really provide much input 10= Provided a high level of input).

Main Learning Objectives At the end of the Revenue Management & Analytics module, you will be able to:

  • Outline how to enhance the travel experience and trip brand engagement, whilst increasing revenue
  • Evaluate how the pricing strategies increase revenue; assess how to vary revenue strategy for continuous growth and loyalty and how to measuring the results of discounting initiatives to prove ROI; show how cancellations can be managed by balancing terms and conditions for the multi-booking consumer
  • Outline how consumer loyalty programs have become a key revenue management tool
  • Discuss how channel management can be influenced by the revenue manager
  • Identify the optimal internal set up to maximise revenue from increasingly big data sets
  • Explore how to place data and analytics at the heart of an organisation to drive sales
  • Predict demand by forecasting a realistic business calendar

Enrolment and Payment

Enrolment for this course is as usual: you just click on the enrol button and that's it.

As the course is chargeable, £99.00 and we do not like to have on-line payments, each enrolled student will receive, addressed, personal invoice, by e-mail, via PayPal. In that mail you will get all necessary information about payment options, which are usual for PayPal.

Any payment sensible information will not be disclosed to FLOOFL CIC, except the name, amount and date of payment.